A Cup of Change for your Mundane Mondays: Spotlight on the Red Cross Disaster Relief fund

A Cup of Change for your Mundane Mondays: Spotlight on the Red Cross Disaster Relief fund

By Jessica Juliana Fischer-Smith

How many of our readers are New Yorkers? I don’t just mean the Manhattanites, but those who live on the mainland as well. If you are, you’re probably aware of the tornado sightings in Elmira this past week. Over the past five years, as I have grown up, I have seen a large augmentation in the amount of natural disasters around the world. Some have struck father away, such as the Haitian earthquake a few years back or the tsunamis across the world, but many are in our own backyards. My family relocated to upstate New York this past year and then Hurricane Irene struck. Beautiful horizons were reduced to rubble and tributaries and due to how impoverished the area is the efforts to rebuild have been stagnant at best. There are fewer cell phone towers as the land spreads out and a lack of adequate communication in conjunction with a lack of proper preparation for heavy storms is a recipe for disaster.

These storms are only getting worse. Regardless of your political standing, you can’t deny by now that global climate change exists. We witness it in our weather patterns every day. What happens when trees are uprooted and power lines are torn down as they were last week? Entire towns are destroyed and there are few means of which one can help them. One organization that does help is the Red Cross. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t advise donating to them. While they do benefit local communities, only a small percentage of every donation actually goes to helping their causes. Haiti, for example, has only seen minimal aid from the Red Cross despite the millions of dollars donated after the earthquake. However, when one is attempting to aid locally and they’re dealing with a smaller branch, the Red Cross is an extremely helpful organization. Another helpful one is Habitat for Humanity. If you’re looking to help out those in Elmira whose homes were crushed and flooded last week, donate to the Disaster Relief fund. https://american.redcross.org/site/Donation2?df_id=5425&5425.donation=form1&s_src=RSG00000E001&s_subsrc=gldr11&gclid=CL7CyLfTwbECFYao4AodGx4AWA
You can also search for local religious institutions of an area that was struck to see if they have started their own fundraising campaigns.


“A Cup of Change for your Mundane Monday” – Spotlight on “Women in Need”

Spotlight on: Women in Need
By Jessica Juliana Fischer-Smith
The summer heat is cascading upon us and we happily retreat into our houses to avoid discomfort. Some of us aren’t as lucky. This past week, I spent Independence Day in New York City, traveling from Harlem to downtown, then back to midtown acting as if I were a tourist, all to see the fireworks. My friend and I happily escaped into the cool buildings around us each time the heat got to be too much. Like your average New Yorker, my friend and I ignored the clusters of homeless people roasting away on the steamy sidewalks.
Women in Need is an organization that turns their attention to these individuals. Founded 25 years ago, they focus on providing homeless women and children shelter while presenting the opportunity to better their lifestyle albeit through rehabilitation services, housing searches, or help in job searches. They have provided housing to 30,000 people since they were founded and 9,000 of these individuals were women and children.
Organizations such as these exist in most cities throughout the United States today. If you would like to donate your money or time to such a cause, run a quick search to find out the closest one to you. Or if you would like to help out Women in Need, go to their website at http://www.women-in-need.org