Summer makeup

Summer makeup

By: Sierra Grice

It’s the time of year when people can finally strip off their rain coats and relish in some much needed sunshine. This year it’s all about showing off healthy glowing skin and that starts with the coverage that you apply. Because of the heat and humidity the new BB creams are a perfect alternative to your ordinary foundation. They are a little lighter in coverage, but still camouflage imperfections. In addition, many BB creams provide sun protection, anti-aging properties, and anti-oxidants so that your skin is nourished throughout the day.

Once your skin is set you can start playing around with some of the bright colors seen on the summer 2012 runway. It is the perfect time to play with colors like tangerine and coral. Set against a summer glow these bright hues can give your look a daring touch. If daring isn’t your thing, the pretty pastels of spring will still be trending all throughout summer. Essie just released their new line of summer nail polishes that are drool worthy. The colors “bikini so teeny” and the light green “mojito madness” will have you feeling like you’re on vacation even if you’re stuck inside the office.

When you finally do get the chance to vacation there are a number of beauty products to keep your look simple and easy. Every year I take off for a few days to stay with friends on the shore. After days filled with water sports and BBQ’s, makeup is the last thing I want to be worrying about. The makeup I take with me has to last and be multi-functional which is why I love Benefit’s Bene-tint, a lip and cheek stain. With one bottle I can get a gorgeous pink color that lasts for hours. I’ll also be using Smashbox’s Camera-Ready BB Cream which will take care of my sun protection and make sure that I don’t have any dark circles showing after the long nights of music and camp fire fun.


A Cup of Change for your Mundane Mondays: Spotlight on the Red Cross Disaster Relief fund

A Cup of Change for your Mundane Mondays: Spotlight on the Red Cross Disaster Relief fund

By Jessica Juliana Fischer-Smith

How many of our readers are New Yorkers? I don’t just mean the Manhattanites, but those who live on the mainland as well. If you are, you’re probably aware of the tornado sightings in Elmira this past week. Over the past five years, as I have grown up, I have seen a large augmentation in the amount of natural disasters around the world. Some have struck father away, such as the Haitian earthquake a few years back or the tsunamis across the world, but many are in our own backyards. My family relocated to upstate New York this past year and then Hurricane Irene struck. Beautiful horizons were reduced to rubble and tributaries and due to how impoverished the area is the efforts to rebuild have been stagnant at best. There are fewer cell phone towers as the land spreads out and a lack of adequate communication in conjunction with a lack of proper preparation for heavy storms is a recipe for disaster.

These storms are only getting worse. Regardless of your political standing, you can’t deny by now that global climate change exists. We witness it in our weather patterns every day. What happens when trees are uprooted and power lines are torn down as they were last week? Entire towns are destroyed and there are few means of which one can help them. One organization that does help is the Red Cross. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t advise donating to them. While they do benefit local communities, only a small percentage of every donation actually goes to helping their causes. Haiti, for example, has only seen minimal aid from the Red Cross despite the millions of dollars donated after the earthquake. However, when one is attempting to aid locally and they’re dealing with a smaller branch, the Red Cross is an extremely helpful organization. Another helpful one is Habitat for Humanity. If you’re looking to help out those in Elmira whose homes were crushed and flooded last week, donate to the Disaster Relief fund.
You can also search for local religious institutions of an area that was struck to see if they have started their own fundraising campaigns.

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Cup of Change for your Mundane Monday: The Wounded Warrior

Spotlight on: The Wounded Warrior Project
By Jessica Juliana Fischer-Smith

This past Thursday, a tragedy occurred in Colorado when shootings occurred during the Batman Rises premiere. This is one of many stories of gun violence to occur in the United States within the past year. It seems every few weeks, I’m reading of another instance in another article and, regardless of your stance on gun laws, something just isn’t clicking in our society or this would not keep on happening.

So all of this got me thinking, what charities are out there to benefit gunshot victims. I went to Google and started searching away, thinking that maybe there would be something specific to last week’s incident, or even something to help victims of random gang shootings. Strangely enough, for a country with so many gun problems, we seem to be lacking in such a charity.
What I did find, thanks to Bill O’Reilly’s list of charities was the Wounded Warrior Project. This particular charity serves to aid men and women who underwent serious trauma in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other areas the U.S. has sent our troops. They serve to raise awareness of these injured heroes and network them to one another for a stronger form of rehabilitation. I think it’s a fantastic organization that could really make a difference with this generation of troops. When one thinks back to their parents or grandparents who were drafted or enlisted in previous wars, albeit the Korean War or Vietnam, there are most likely a lot of stories that seem to be skimmed over rather than told in detail for there are scars both inside and out. If you’re interested in contributing to the Wounded Warrior Project, check out their site here:
Bill O’Reilly has a great list of charities as well:

Finally, if anyone has heard of any charities that serve to aid gunshot wound victims in the U.S., I’d love to learn more. I know of Rachel’s Challenge, but that’s more of a preventative measure. Feel free to leave comments below!

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Cup of Change: Spotlight on the Foster Care Alumni Association

Spotlight on the Foster Care Alumni Association
By Jessica Juliana Fischer-Smith

This week, I decided to focus on a cause that’s near and dear to my own heart: the foster care alumni association. When I was twelve, I was removed from my biological mother’s home after 9 years of extreme neglect and domestic violence. After this, I was placed in the foster care system and was luckily adopted by my first foster mother after my biological mother’s rights were terminated. Shortly after this point, I started receiving mail from the Foster Care Alumni Association.

The FCAA is an organization that networks between foster children and former foster children to provide them with work and internship opportunities across the U.S. One of their biggest projects is Postcards from the Soul in which foster children participating in internships produce postcards portraying their deepest emotions and varying experiences in “the system”.

This particular organization means a lot to me because of my older sister. She chose to remain in foster care rather than being adopted which made her eligible to participate in one of the FCAA’s internship programs. She spent a summer interning on Capitol Hill where she was instrumental in amending the Higher Education Act of 1965- incidentally the act that permits me to go to college despite my financial situation. Since the 2008 amendment, the law has expanded the definition of independent so that former foster children are not required to take their adoptive parents or non-existent parents into account for finances.

The internships created by the FCAA are an entryway into the lifestyle they might have had if they were born into a different socioeconomic strata. These are also only a fraction of their work. To find out more about this fantastic organization or to make a donation, go to
If you’re looking for a charity to donate to next May, May is National Foster Care Awareness Month!