Cup of Change for your Mundane Monday: The Wounded Warrior

Spotlight on: The Wounded Warrior Project
By Jessica Juliana Fischer-Smith

This past Thursday, a tragedy occurred in Colorado when shootings occurred during the Batman Rises premiere. This is one of many stories of gun violence to occur in the United States within the past year. It seems every few weeks, I’m reading of another instance in another article and, regardless of your stance on gun laws, something just isn’t clicking in our society or this would not keep on happening.

So all of this got me thinking, what charities are out there to benefit gunshot victims. I went to Google and started searching away, thinking that maybe there would be something specific to last week’s incident, or even something to help victims of random gang shootings. Strangely enough, for a country with so many gun problems, we seem to be lacking in such a charity.
What I did find, thanks to Bill O’Reilly’s list of charities was the Wounded Warrior Project. This particular charity serves to aid men and women who underwent serious trauma in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other areas the U.S. has sent our troops. They serve to raise awareness of these injured heroes and network them to one another for a stronger form of rehabilitation. I think it’s a fantastic organization that could really make a difference with this generation of troops. When one thinks back to their parents or grandparents who were drafted or enlisted in previous wars, albeit the Korean War or Vietnam, there are most likely a lot of stories that seem to be skimmed over rather than told in detail for there are scars both inside and out. If you’re interested in contributing to the Wounded Warrior Project, check out their site here:
Bill O’Reilly has a great list of charities as well:

Finally, if anyone has heard of any charities that serve to aid gunshot wound victims in the U.S., I’d love to learn more. I know of Rachel’s Challenge, but that’s more of a preventative measure. Feel free to leave comments below!


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