Summer-camp lunch box ideas for your little tyke

Summer-camp lunch box ideas for your little tyke
By: Sierra Grice
As schedules become increasingly busy, finding time to create a healthy and dynamic lunch box for your little one can take a backseat. However, taking a little extra time every day to prepare something special has many benefits. The first day of summer camp or a similar setting can be particularly stressful and sometimes a little added love is just what a child needs to feel happy and secure in their surroundings. The examples below foster healthy eating habits, a sense of creativity, and are a sweet reminder that you are taking the time to remember your little one. They will appreciate your effort and may even earn some cool points among their table-mates!
The first picture is a lunch that I made for my niece last year. It was my first time so forgive the messy appearance. It was made of bread, peanut butter, jelly, licorice, marshmallows, blueberries, and banana used strategically to look like the character Swiper from Dora the Explorer. The second and third picture is from various internet sites that can be used for inspiration!

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