Summer Baby Trends: The Good and the Bad

Summer Baby Trends: The Good and the Bad

By Sierra Grice

First to pop up on my radar were these little baby high heels. At first glance they are utterly hilarious. It is hard to resist laughing when you see a baby sitting in her stroller, legs outstretched, with these bad boys on her feet. It just doesn’t seem natural, right?

The second trend, and the one I find the most strange, is the baby bikini. Lately, these bikinis are getting even more ostentatious, with designs that mimic bikinis you might see on a twenty-something walking down Malibu beach. The issue I have with this trend, and the issue I’ve heard aggressively debated, is that it might sexualize your baby (which is the last thing any mom wants to do).

Whether you agree or disagree on the merit of these trends, at the least we can admit that we are starting them out a little young on high heels and bikinis. In my day, my mom wouldn’t let me out of the house in either until I was almost a high school graduate. Granted, that is a wee bit protective, she didn’t want me focusing on growing up too early. And that is precisely how I see these trends, as a way to push them into adult matters. What happened to ruffle butt baby bloomers and cute glittery sandals? Those are some of the cute baby trends I’d like to see make a come-back!

Speaking of cute baby trends, here are two that I don’t see going anywhere anytime soon. The first is organic wear. Research shows the health factor in these fabrics is there, so why not give it a try? This cute dress comes from Kate Quinn Organics. The second trend is a summer time hat, which serves fashion and function. It’s cute, obviously, but it also keeps the sun off your little tot! This hat can be found at The Baby Bella Boutique!


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